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Xana's Palace is a female owned and operated Foot Worship Palace, open daily, located in Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona. Our site and service is 100% legal and does not break any state or government laws what-so-ever. All of our working foot models are at least 18 yars of age, with valid state or government ID's on file. Registered members of xanaspalace.com or videos.xanaspalace.com can meet our beautiful foot models in person and engage in a foot fetish sceneario at one of our luxurious, private locations around Phoenix! We scout top models from the Valley who have come to us with their foot fetish modeling desires. Our models are looking to have their feet worshiped, massaged, kissed, pampered and admired by real men with foot fetishes, just like you! Your prayers have been answered.. Our diverse selection of ACTIVE foot models can be found right here and our model list is forever growing. Pick the type of feet you love most from the ladies listed on this page and submit a BOOKING FORM to make your foot fantasy a reality! Remember, you have to be a member in order to book a session. Click to JOIN NOW and let us do all the work to put together the sesison of your dreams!

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Member Testimony - July 1st, 2017:

Hi Xana, Holy cow! What an amazing email reply. Now THAT is what I call quality-control. Thank you for that. I'm going to read your email again, and really savor it. ;-) Thanks a million for the service that you provide. It's unique, and done brilliantly. AG

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Member Testimony - March 13th, 2017:

Hi Xana - I just want to thank you again for hosting me at XP last week. You are an awesome person and I had a great time chatting with you before my sessions. You have such an inviting personality. And then my sessions?!?! OMG...I had a Fantastic time with both Aaliyah and Anne. Aaliyah is super sweet, has fantastic big feet and I loved spending time with her. She was such a joy to get to know and I loved her "Queenie" inclinations. And Anne...what an unbelievable surprise it was to be able to do a session with her. Anne also has such beautiful, soft small feet. I absolutely had such a great session with her. She is a super ambitious person with a down home personality. I just didn't want my sessions with both Aaliyah and Anne to end. Once again my expectations were exceeded. I sure wish I didn't live on the other side of the country. But hopefully I will be able to get out your way again. If I do, I will definitely be in contact with you. My best to you and XP and hope to see you again soon. Mike

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Member Testimony - Sept 24th, 2016:

Hi Xana, Just wanted to let you know that I had a great time today--better than I even expected. My only regret is that I didn't book a session sooner now that I know what I was missing! Ella is a real sweetheart, we really hit it off. She made me feel comfortable and allowed me to enjoy myself--she is beautiful inside and out. It was also a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for providing the service you do. Looking forward to my next session; I will definitely be booking on a regular basis. Doug

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Member Testimony - May 5th, 2017:

Hello Xana, Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to enjoy what we love with girls who love it. I have had so much enjoyment in just the short time I have been here at Xanas Palace. I have had 2 sessions so far. My first one was with Kendall and it was amazing. I was so nervous coming to the door. My heart was pounding because this was my first time ever doing anything like this. As soon as she opened the door she killed my nerves immediately with her amazing personality. I was greeted with a hug, which caught me off guard but was very relaxing. She was such a nice person which made the actual session just that much better. Her feet were so beautifully soft and amazing. She has such a wonderful laugh. She made me know that what we were doing was just as enjoyable for her as it was for me. I am so glad I chose her as my first session! My second was with XP's new model Tiana. I was greeted by the beautiful Xana and she made me feel so at home. Then my session with Tiana was just as amazing. She is so adorable. She was a little nervous just like I was, because she had never had any of this stuff done to her feet before. But she handled it amazingly. Her feet were amazing and very small, I am usually not one for small feet but their beauty makes you forget that. They sure did smell just like she had promised. She was really sweet and I am so glad I got that oppurtunity. So far my experiences here at XP is nothing short or breathtaking. I have another session scheduled with Kendall soon and I can't wait. I look forward to many more amazing experiences here at XP. Armando

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Member Testimony - Sept 26th, 2017:

Hi Xana. You always seem to amaze me by sending personal emails. That is SO awesome of you. It's always my pleasure hearing directly from you. I do love the website. You kindly introduced it to me even before you officially put up your new videos site, when I was there last March. Thanks again for doing what you do. I really hope I am able to get out to AZ again sometime soon so I can come visit you. I have thoroughly enjoyed my two trips there so far. Take care and I'll be in touch. Mike

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Member Testimony - June 7th, 2017:

Thanks Xana! Your new site is definitely an improvement in terms of simplicity, ease of movement and clutterLESS of appearance. As I continue to use the new Xanas Palace, I'll be sure to let you know if there's anything else that I can contribute to further assist you make this foot fetish website the best within the internet universe. This is especially important for guys like me who also deserve a HIGH QUALITY place that we can call our own to serve our unique foot fetish needs. I'm particularly grateful and fully appreciate you providing personalized attention to detail in making sure every base is covered and no stone goes unturned to insure my specialize order needs are met. I honestly don't think any other site would go as far as you have which is why you've thankfully earned my trust. Thank you for delivering my Foot Fantasy, J

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Member Testimony - Sept 3th, 2017:

Well thank you very much Kaelyn for your kind words, beautiful gesture, and a wonderful first experience. I did enjoy the session, and I would book another one if I had the chance to return to the US. Sincerely, RN

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Member Testimony - July 5th, 2016:

What a great experience! The location was in a very nice residence. The star was Starr. I was blown away by her beauty along with her beautiful feet. She could be a model. She had a great, down to earth personality to match. Xana has done a great job. I will return as soon as I can. Neal

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